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  Second Artist Model " Ditto Piano" -Play your style! - 2009-06-11

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- Ditto piano- Play your style! -

The Ditto Piano is the second and latest piano to be launched as part of Samick’s “Artist Piano” series. The Ditto Piano comes after the Ensemble Ditto piano which has recently become Korea’s most popular piano with its beautiful appearance and unparalleled stage sound.

The Ditto Piano was designed by Samick engineers to have a rich sound from low to high tones. To do this, Samick engineers equipped the Ditto Piano with an Agraff system to achieve a balanced and exact sound. The precision of the engineering of the Ditto Piano can be heard in each and every note that is played on it.

Highly acclaimed contemporary Korean pianist Ji Young worked closely with Samick engineers in the creation of the Ditto Piano by giving his feedback on the sound they worked to create in this new piano. Ji Young expressed his wish to create a piano that held a consistent sound from allegro to forte when being played. To do this, Samick engineers used the highest quality of hard wood in the shaping of many of the Ditto Piano’s parts. By doing this, the Ditto Piano is able to deliver precision sound. On top of this, the steady engineering of the Ditto Piano means the owner will have a top class piano for a long time as they are built to last.

Along with it’s top of the line sound engineering the streamline appearance of the Ditto Piano is second to none. With its deep black coloring and smooth lines the Ditto Piano truly is a piano for the 21st century. When viewed upon any stage it will remind the audience of the tenderness of its antiquity and the power of its modernity.

With a piano of this caliber being launched there are certain to be many heads turning. To help people be able to get to know this great new addition to the Samick family we will be hosting many events for fans to come and see what the type is all about. As it is a limited edition it will first be found in many of our most frequented Samick locations.

A new icon of a Korean Classic

The Ensemble group “Ditto” is a chamber music project that was created to give classical music to the masses. This new group has been acclaimed for it’s consistent powerful performances highlighted by their charismatic stage presence and star appearances. One such star appearance of note is the violist YongJae O’Neill who has been playing with the classical music ensemble since 2007. Not only has “Ditto” been performing throughout Korea but they have been producing a number of CD’s and even a documentary. They have coined the phrase “Welcome to Classic” from their highly viewed documentarty (“Ditto Carnival”). Truly, Ditto is changing the way classical music is perceived in the mainstream and popularizing the vanishing genre in Korea.
Samick First Artist Model "Hai-Kyung Suh" piano realeased in Korea.
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